Talson Differentiation

Talson’s team has decades of experience working on behalf of our clients, investing alongside them as partners

Experience Matters: Experience has always mattered, but in an investing environment in which all boats are no longer likely to rise, a deeper understanding of the elements of manager skill across a variety of metrics will be increasingly critical. Talson’s senior team members have long experience identifying exceptional investment opportunities and building portfolios for sophisticated clients.

  • Talson’s investment staff has portfolio management experience trading across asset classes and geographies, a clear differentiator, which provides insights that are hard to replicate and valuable to the investment process.
  • The senior investment team has a depth of experience building primarily custom portfolios for exacting clients across strategies, asset classes, and cycles.
  • The Talson allocation process is always executed by the senior team, supported by analysts and customized quantitative tools.

We think success going forward will be based on a solid understanding of certain fundamentals:

  • What has made for success historically—what strategies, methodologies, and structures have endured and succeeded across investment regimes and cycles?
  • What is further needed to build on that foundation in the current environment in order to succeed going forward?
  • What is the opportunity set, long and short, in a changing global macroeconomic environment? What are the risks?
  • How should portfolio construction change to encompass both greater opportunity and greater risk?