Company Overview

Talson has a history of working with clients to identify opportunities, and the expertise to take advantage of these opportunities through broad or custom portfolios.

Founded in 2009 by Dominic Napolitano, Talson Capital Management is an independent investment advisor that manages commingled and customized portfolios with an expertise in alternative and opportunistic strategies.

Talson’s investment foundation is built on the strength and differentiation of its people, investment philosophy, manager research tools and processes, and approach to portfolio construction and management.

  • Talson Capital’s senior team has exceptional depth and breadth of experience, which has resulted in a differentiated philosophy, process and portfolio construction.
  • Our extensive experience is augmented by a continued drive to hone and build upon well-tested processes by staying abreast of critical changes to the investment environment.

Talson is, by design, a boutique investment advisor. We believe this provides clear investment advantages for clients:

  • Focus of senior team is solely on portfolio management.
  • Senior team is robustly supported by analysts, a CFO, and top tier service providers.
  • Our boutique nature allows us to build concentrated portfolios, investing in high quality managers regardless of size.
  • Clients benefit by working directly with Talson’s senior team, who work together to vet managers and manage portfolios.